Ready to master foundation paper piecing?

Learn the technique, nab all my best hints and tips, and confidently make your own beautiful projects! (with lots of hand holding and encouragement along the way!)

This is the course for you if...

  • you want to learn foundation piecing but don't know where to start
  • you have tried foundation paper piecing before but it felt too complex, overwhelming, just all too hard, but there's still a little part of your brain saying "but I kinda want to figure it out"
  • learning a new technique to get perfect points and accurate angles is on your bucket list (hint let's tick it off that list!)
  • you realllllly want to make all those cool patterns you've seen around but have hesitated because.. well... it's paper pieced
  • you're ready to try something new and gain new skills (just because you can!)

If you've nodded your head to at least one of the things on that list (or at least raised an eyebrow because you've thought that), then consider this your sign.

 It's time to tackle foundation paper piecing and master it - once and for all!

Imagine the next time you see a foundation paper pieced pattern you'd like to make, you don't immediately scroll past because "it's too hard". Instead the hardest thing becomes choosing the fabrics to sew with. Because you're now a confident foundation paper piecer and you can tackle that pattern and create something beautiful with your newfound skills!

Foundation Paper Piecing Made Easy is the quilting course for you!

It's time to take the mystery out of FPP and start sewing all those beautiful patterns you've been stashing for "some day".  

Work through a self-paced video course that will get you started right at the beginning and guide you through step by step until you can paper piece with confidence.

By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge, know how, hints and tips, and the patterns to create a beautiful quilt. Not only are you learning, you have something tangible (and lovely!) to show and admire at the end!

Take the overwhelm out, put the fun in!

Step by step videos and resources to guide you from choosing your fabrics, all the way through to completing a beautiful foundation pieced quilt - and a sense of achievement.

Learn at your own pace, at a time that suits you

 No set times to mark on the calendar. No need to even get out of your pyjamas. Just captioned videos and downloadable resources and patterns at your fingertips on your schedule.

Build on your skills with sequential lessons

Each lesson builds on the one before, so you won't ever be thrown in the deep end. The videos are yours to watch whenever you like, and the PDFs are yours to download and keep forever.

Steal my hints and tips and make them yours

I'm not holding anything back - you get all the hints and tips that I've learnt in my foundation piecing journey since 2012. I've learnt from the mistakes so that you don't have to.

So what exactly is included?

  • a fully self-paced course to take the overwhelm OUT and put the fun IN to FPP! 
  • captioned videos to guide you through the process of foundation paper piecing 
  • specially designed beginner friendly patterns to build your confidence 
  • quilt assembly instructions to put all those patterns together into a beautiful quilt like the one shown below (thats right - no random practice blocks leftover!)
  • a cheat sheet to keep by your sewing machine for easy reference 
  • member-only discount to the Quiet Play pattern shop 
  • ten bonus patterns to practice your skills on - that means a total of 20 patterns to build up your FPP pattern collection! 
  • handholding (the virtual kind) and guidance to help you learn to love foundation piecing!

Foundation Paper Piecing Made easy

$70.00    USD

Kristy Lea - Quiet Play

Wondering who I am and why you want to learn how to foundation paper piece with me?

Hi! This is me. The foundation paper piecing fanatic who really wants to show you how fun FPP can be!

While I love to quilt, foundation paper piecing has my heart. Those crisp points, tidy seams, and those intricate patterns... swoon!

I've been quilting since 2012 but have found my niche in FPP. I've been designing patterns since somewhere around then and have around 400 patterns to my name.

With a love of rainbow, geometric designs, and indulging in a touch of whimsy, I'll be your guide to learning how to foundation paper piece!

Let's sew!


"I had never really paper pieced before. A friend convinced me to try Kristy’s class. I love the fact I could take it at my own pace and that all the videos and information were always there. The notes and videos were extremely helpful. I’m still working my way through the lessons but am happy to say I love paper piecing. It is so satisfying to see it come together. I had a few epic mistakes but that’s part of the process! Take this class if you want to learn a really fun new skill from a great teacher!"
"This was the best course I have ever taken! Easy to follow instructions and patterns are detailed but very easy! I was very unsure about my FPP skills until this course! WORTH IT! Thank you so much!!!"
"This course was really awesome. It is very organized, the information is very clear, and the videos are super helpful. That still doesn't mean I made a few mistakes -- so if you are a beginner to quilting and piecing, beware because you might get super frustrated. But for me, where I've tried my hand at it a bit before and am very comfortable with piecing in general, it was perfect. The repetition of blocks helped me find my groove and I even discovered a few tricks on my own that made it easier. I really enjoyed where you could ask questions and share your block after."

So whatcha waiting for?

It's time to learn how to foundation piece and create something beautiful!


This course is designed for people who are new to foundation paper piecing. While it teaches you how to foundation paper piece, general sewing knowledge is assumed. You will need basic sewing and quilting skills such as use of a rotary cutter and mat, quarter inch seam, basic quilt assembly - joining blocks together, basting and binding etc.  It's for foundation piecing beginners, not necessarily quilting beginners :)

Once you have signed up, you'll receive an email with the login details. You will need to log in using your email address and the password that you set up (I know, I know, another password!). But don't worry if you forget the password, it's very easy to reset.  

This is an online course which means you will need internet access to view the videos and download the patterns. You will also need access to a printer to print off the templates for the patterns.

You can access the course for as long as it's available on this platform - which is indefinitely! I plan for it to available here for a good long time. Should I move the course to another platform, you will be notified.  All of the patterns are in PDF format which means you can download and save them to keep forever and ever. 

Short answer, sorry but no. Long answer. It's a firm no. It is one subscription per person. You cannot share your password or login details with anyone else - be it guild member, friend, family member, next door neighbour, or your very clever dog that can sew. The course purchase is for one person only - and that's you!

Sharing a subscription or patterns damages my intellectual property and it takes away from my livelihood. This is my full time business and income, and I work hard to provide quality patterns and resources. I'm grateful to you for respecting that and ensuring you're honouring my intellectual property (and ensuring my chickens (and on the kids!) can still get fed).

If your guild or group is interested in all joining, please do contact me and I would be happy to offer a group discount.

Drop me an email and let's chat! You can contact me at

Please note that I live in Australia so my time zone may be quite different to yours but I will answer any emails when I can

A little extra inspiration 

Here's just a smattering of some of the foundation paper pieced patterns you could be sewing by the end of the course!

Kristy Lea | Quiet Play

I'm Kristy - I'm a mama, maker and designer. While I enjoy quilting, I love to foundation piece. There's just something about those perfect points and crisp angles. I've been designing FPP patterns since 2012 and love to fill them with rainbow and geometric shapes. I also incorporate this love into fabric, as a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs. I want to share my love of foundation piecing with you, encourage you to make the patterns your own, and to build your skills and share your love of sewing!